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Multi Range Combat Science will teach you how to defend against a knife-wielding opponent whether your armed with a knife, or empty handed ! Along with your disarms, you will also learn how to defend against slashes, stabs, and more. Concepts from many different arts make up this tactical knife training video. In this MMA knife defense Video, you will receive10, take action techniques demonstrating disarms, strips & containment in real-life confrontation scenarios.

10 Defense Techniques
Complete Run Time 20 min. DVD

Guru Kalaj demonstrates a variety of hard hitting in your face concepts, techniques,
& combos with his good friend
Julius Feldbaum.

MMA Knife Defense Instruction Video

This is not one of those wimpy "theory" instruction DVDs. These DVDs are no frill, no "Hollywood production", in your face, full of pure HARD HITTING full contact
combat tested techniques !




Extreme caution should be used when training these techniques !




Multi-Range Combat Science is a (cut to the chase, economy of motion, get control of the situation) system that has been proven time and again in the street,
aswell as in competition.







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